Posted: Monday, August 27th, 2007
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I have been contacted by Ms. Barbara Black. She and her husband are the founders of an organization known as "Kids Come First". It is my pleasure to have placed a link to their site on this Crime Stoppers web site. The site educates children and parents about the dangers of Internet predators and provides tips and methods for protecting children online. I hope many of you will visit the site and put the information to good use. In the near future I will have CD's and DVD's available to anyone who would like more information and ways to protect the kids. Please feel free to contact me about this info. at 308-432-3025 ----- Sheriff K. Dailey ---

Download "One In Five" Video ( .wmv ~ 4.3MB)

Download "Kids Come First Presents Protect Every Child Safety on The Internet" Video (.wmv ~ 30MB)