Posted: Sunday, September 9th, 2007
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Help Prevent Thefts!!

Crimestoppers has been made aware that there has recently been a rash of thefts of items from vehicles in the Chadron area. Crimestoppers would like to remind everyone that a lot of these thefts can be prevented by people locking the doors to their vehicles, and not leaving the keys inside the vehicle. The individuals committing these crimes are simply walking around checking car doors for ones that are open, and when they find one open, they take any items of value inside. Crimestoppers would also like to ask everyone to keep their garage doors locked if possible as well. If an individual can gain entry to your garage not only do they have concealment while they try to get into your vehicle, they possibly now have a chance to gain entry into your home as well. Taking the simple step of locking your doors can have a dramatic effect on deterring these types of activities from happening.