Posted: Monday, March 31st, 2008
Located in: News & Information

It’s Spring and the Scammers are Blooming !!

Well folks, It's Spring time and the "Nasty Eggs" are hatching !!   The scammers don't care who you are or what your monetary status is. They will stick you and suck you dry, if you let them. They have no shame or conscience and will use any ploy to separate you from your money and good name.   One of the schemes I hear about is  ---- you get a phone call from a person claiming to be from some Law Enforcement Organization. They say they are collecting funds for kids, ballistic vests, surviving spouses and kids or any one of a hundred other reasons. You tell them that you would like their information so that local LE can check on them or you ask them to mail you their information. They will try to discourage you from doing these things and if you press them, they will get angry at you and / or just hang up.    Remember....  When In Doubt, Check It Out !!!!    Sheriff Karl Dailey