Posted: Tuesday, June 17th, 2008


You get a phone call offering better interest rates on your credit card. They want a ton of information from you and while they are talking, you notice that the area code on your CALLER ID is -- 062 --- or some other strange number -- 062 is an INDONESIA area code.... Take a wild guess ???? A SCAM MAYBE !!!?? You bet it is..... You can call your credit card people and try to negotiate a better interest rate (good luck!) BUT, they will not call you. They may send you regular mail with an offer of some type, but not an e-mail and not a phone call ---- so, when you get a call like this, look at your caller ID and check the area code and prefix...... better yet, JUST SAY NO and hang up..... Be Aware - Be Careful - Be Safe -- Sheriff Karl Dailey