Posted: Friday, June 20th, 2008


I get calls about these folks every now and again. I may have written about them before, but one more time won't hurt a thing !!   CMS (Credit Management Services) is one of those businesses that provide a "legal" service, but tend to walk the "legal" line in many instances. I had a call that CMS had contacted a person about a "Past Due Bill" - The bill had been paid and the debt was several years old. On the face of it, it appears that CMS was trying to pull a fast one and "Bully" these folks into "re-paying" and old and paid bill. I was told that the CMS staff were threatening, rude, impolite and down right nasty. Well folks, you do not have to put up with that. If they contact you, get all the information from them you can and give them "As Little information About You" as you can. Then, CHECK IT OUT !!!!  Do not take their word for anything !!   Check out the bill. Check out the company that claims you owe them. Check everything you can...... Then if you owe the money, try to work with the company you owe the money to. Get receipts for everything you can and get as much in writing as you can.   Then, if you need to, contact an attorney and let them deal with CMS.... Be Smart - Be Aware and Be Careful !!!    Sheriff Karl Dailey