Posted: Tuesday, July 22nd, 2008

SCAM – Northern Financial Services

Northern Financial Services (supposedly out of Albany, NY) contacts you with a LOAN OFFER that seems very easy to obtain and with very few restrictions. Well, folks - it is TOO EASY - IT's A SCAM !!!!  The loan offer will be for, lets just say, $60,000.00. The interest rate (fixed of course) is 9% -- A bit high, maybe ???  The payments are $482.79 a month for 30 years. OK, could be do-able---  Ready, now here it comes..... all they need is your personal information and for you to send them $3,896.20 (USD of course) for some kind of insurance payment. The real kicker is they want you to send it by "Western Union" !!!  I never would have guessed that one !!!!  They make it look so very official and real, but it's total hokum !!  If you need a loan, there are tons of reputable lenders out there who will be glad to work with you !!!  Always check it out !!  WHEN IN DOUBT-- CHECK IT OUT and be safe  ----- Sheriff Karl J. Dailey