Posted: Thursday, November 13th, 2008

“RELAY FOR LIFE” is Legit, but user may not be !!!

SCAMMERS have no shame and don't care who they hurt. With that in mind, a new twist has been added to their schemes..... RELAY FOR LIFE is a communications system designed to allow people who can not speak or hear to contact others by phone for personal and business reasons. It is done through a third party interpreter. THE BAD GUYS are using this system so there is no direct contact between them and their victims and to add some sympathetic legitimacy to their scam. You receive a call from Relay For Life and the scammer will attempt any one of a dozen scams.  So Please Be Aware---- RELAY FOR LIFE is a legitimate organization, the bad guys are just abusing it. If you feel that you have been scammed through Relay for Life, please contact them and let them know.... Remember - Be Smart-Be Careful-Be Safe.... Sheriff Karl Dailey