Posted: Tuesday, September 11th, 2012
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(APPREHENDED SAN DIEGO CA 09/21/12)Felony Counterfeiting Jeffrey S. Walsh

On Friday, August 17, 2012 a male suspect passed several counterfeit twenty dollar bills in the Chadron area.In total, the Chadron Police Department has recovered $800.00 in counterfeit twenty dollar bills.The Chadron Police Department followed up on a lead and worked with the United States Secret Service, Rapid City South Dakota Police Department and the South Dakota Division of Criminal Investigation (DCI) to develop a suspect.After further investigation and a search warrant served in Hot Springs South Dakota by DCI, the Chadron Police Department has confirmed the suspect’s identity as 35 year old Jeffery S. Walsh (white male, brown hair, hzl eyes 5-10 175lbs) of San Diego, California.The Chadron Police Department has obtained an active felony arrest warrant for Jeffery Walsh for two felony counts of 1st degree unlawful circulation of a transaction device, one felony count of criminal possession of a forgery device, on felony count of theft by deception and one misdemeanor count of theft by deception. South Dakota and Nebraska law enforcement are looking for information leading to Walsh’s whereabouts.Walsh was last seen in the Hot Springs South Dakota area, but is believed to have left area. If you have any questions or information regarding the counterfeit money or the location of Jeffery Walsh, please contact the Chadron Police Department, the South Dakota Division of Criminal Investigation or the Dawes County Crime Stoppers hotline at 308-432-0519.
How to detect counterfeit US Money;
·Feel the texture of the paper, which is typically a lower quality paper
·Compare the bill with another of the same denomination and series and look for differences
·Look carefully at the printing quality or the lack of detail (dull, flat and blurry areas) on a fake bill
·Look for colored fibers in the paper. All U.S. bills have tine red and blue fibers embedded in the paper
·Examine the serial numbers, make sure they match and are evenly spaced and aligned
·Look for security features in all denominations except the $1 and $2;
oSecurity thread running from top to bottom
oHold the bill up to a light to check for watermark
oTilt the bill to check for color-shifting ink
o Use a magnifying glass to examine the micro-printing
Use a counterfeit-detection pen