Posted: Saturday, October 12th, 2013

“Family Member Money Scam”

The Chadron Police Department has received a few calls regarding a local phone scam in our area.  People have been receiving phone calls from people claiming to be relatives of the victim.  The caller then tells the victim their family member is in trouble and needs the victim to wire money immediately via a service such as Western Union. The caller also tells the victim not to take anyone with them to wire the money or tell anyone about the money transfer.  It appears we have had at least two calls in our area where the caller advised he was the grandson of the victim and asked the victim to send them money immediately.

The Chadron Police Department has received these types of scam reports in the past and often times the caller will place a fake phone call claiming to be a police officer, a sergeant, or an investigator in order to convince you of the scam.  The amount of money typically requested is between $2000.00-$6000.00.

The Chadron Police Department is asking the public to be very cautious when they receive odd phone calls and to never volunteer information to someone over the phone and also take time to verify the request through another family member or your local law enforcement agency.  We also ask you if you have friends or relatives, who may be easily victimized by a scam like this, please speak with them and advise them there are individuals out there that wish to take advantage of their good nature.  Please report any and all suspicious phone calls to the Chadron Police Department by calling 308-432-0510.Phone scam pic 031513