Posted: Thursday, May 15th, 2008

Check that Check & Watch That Deposit !!!!

A new twist on the check scam is going around. It works a little different than most of the old ones, but the result is the same -- You are out a bunch of money !!!!!!  Here is how it works:  You receive a check in the mail with some phony bologna letter wanting you to "Deposit" the check in your checking account. Here is where it begins to differ from the old scam - The old scam asks you to deposit or cash the check and send part of the money to the scammers..... in this case they don't need you to send them any money because by depositing the check, you have approved your bank to send the amount on the check "Automatically" to the scammers by wire transfer. Basically, the check they send you is a withdrawal slip that looks like a check. Routing numbers, etc. are on the check and the wire transfer takes place very quickly. SO, PLEASE - "Do Not" automatically deposit any strange checks into your account. Ask a teller or other bank employee to look at it first and advise you. They will be glad to assist you at any time - Remember, Be Smart - Be Careful - Be Safe  ------- Sheriff Karl Dailey

Posted: Thursday, April 24th, 2008

The “New ID For Your Insurance” Scam

The phone rings (like it always does - at the worst possible time !!)... You pick up and a voice at the other end says that he / she is calling to tell you that you need to have a "New ID Number assigned to your insurance or you will not be able to access your information" (or something similar)  -- They do not mention what insurance company they are talking about and drone on and on in very vague and non-specific terms. To set up this new ID number, they need - (ready for this ???)- Your DOB / SS# , etc to "verify" your identity and set up the new ID number !!!!!!  PLEASE DO NOT GIVE THEM ANY INFO. - Just hang up and let your answering machine screen calls for a few days until they stop calling. If you do not have an answering machine, watch the caller ID and do not answer when their number comes up. As of now, the number I know about is --- 1-800-223-9113. Please do not call this number. It is just for your information. So again, Be Aware, Be Careful, Be Safe !!!   Don't get scammed !!     Sheriff Karl Dailey

Posted: Wednesday, April 9th, 2008

The OYP Group – Yellow Pages Scam

You receive a Fax - e-mail - phone call or letter from The OYP Group claiming that you owe them a sum of money (the standard seems to be about $399.95) for a "Yellow Pages" listing. Funny, you don't remember buying the listing or speaking to anyone, but they claim you owe them the money. If you do not call or pay them, they contact you and threaten, bully and generally annoy you in an attempt to get the money. These people are making a concerted effort to RIP YOU OFF !!!   Do not pay them..... contact an attorney to deal with them. Let local Law Enforcement know about it. Keep an accurate record of all contacts with them and contact your local Attorney General's Office and file a complaint. Also, the OYP Group will record their conversations with you and then EDIT the recording to say what they want it to say..... Be Alert, Be Smart, Be Careful........ Sheriff Karl Dailey

Posted: Monday, March 24th, 2008

ILD TeleServices, Inc. Scam

You get your phone bill. It seems a little larger than usual. As you check your calls and service billing, you find a charge from ILD Teleservices, Inc.  You don't know who they are, but if it's on the bill, it must be OK...... WRONG !!!  This is a fraudulent charge - also known as SLAMMING --- ILD tags a bill onto your regular phone bill in the hope that you will pay it without questioning it. You NEVER USED THEIR SERVICE, but they hope you pay them. If you call them and question the bill, they quickly agree to remove the charge, but only after you have given them a ton of personal information. Then they can change your phone service to theirs (without your permission) at a HUGE rate increase.  It is a real pain to change it back again AND you get a huge monthly bill from ILD.

If you get one of these, immediately contact your phone provider and your States Attorney General's Office. I also recommend you contact your state Better Business Bureau.........  Be Aware - Be Diligent - Be Safe  -----  For more information, Please go to this link --- --- Sheriff Karl Dailey

Posted: Thursday, March 6th, 2008


When checking your credit card billing, you notice a charge for $99.99 (or some other amount you do not recognize). When you check it out, it turns out that you were signed up for a (very bad if it exists at all) personal ID theft protection program. You don't remember signing up for it ???   Well, you can be "scammed" into it several different ways.  1: by a "Phishing" e-mail or  2: something that came in the mail that you "DID NOT OPT OUT OF" !!  Call your credit card company "IMMEDIATELY" and get the charge removed and notify your State Attorney General's Office as soon as you can and report it. Also, keep good records for future reference --   Sheriff Karl J. Dailey

Posted: Friday, February 15th, 2008


Here is the general rule of thumb for any "Letter" or "E-Mail" you receive stating that you have won a LOTTERY  ---  If you did not buy a ticket for a legitimate, well known lottery, YOU DID NOT WIN ANYTHING !!!!!  Any lottery letter dealing with a foreign country is a SCAM and the checks are forgeries !!  You can not win if you did not enter, even though they will try to convince you that you did. Like everything else, if it sounds too good to be true, it is !! And, when in doubt, check it out --- Your local Law Enforcement will be glad to talk to you and answer any questions you may have regarding this and other suspicious letters and e-mail you may receive. --- Sheriff Karl Dailey

Posted: Thursday, February 7th, 2008


You receive an e-mail  (or maybe a letter in the mail)  that tells you that "someone close to you" wants you dead !!!!  They claim they have already been paid and that "People" have been checking on you and they know where you live, Family info., etc.  Ready? Here it comes..... wait for it !!!!    Ta Da -- You can avoid being killed by sending them $8,000.00 cash !!!  Then, when they receive the cash, they will meet with you and give you "Tape Recordings" of the phone conversations they had with the person who wanted you dead. They will give you the tape for another $7,000.00 cash........ They tell you that then, they will not kill you and you can use the Tapes for whatever legal action you like... well, isn't that swell of them !! ??  --  Don't let these knuckleheads bully you. This is a SCAM of the lowest type !!!!  If you get one of these and you feel uncomfortable about it, please feel free to contact your local Law Enforcement and they will be glad to work with you ----- Sheriff Karl Dailey

Posted: Thursday, November 15th, 2007

Jury Duty Scam

You receive a call from a person claiming to be a Jury Duty Commissioner (or something similar). They say something like,  " You did not return your Jury Duty forms (paperwork, questionnaire, etc) and you need to appear for Jury Duty. You tell them that you "DID NOT" receive any paperwork and they ask you for your date of birth, social security number (and such) so they can check their database. They then tell you it was a mistake or it has been taken care of, etc.  - and now they have all they need to "STEAL YOUR IDENTITY".  Courts rarely call about this sort of thing, and if they do they already know who you are and have all the necessary info. they need......... WHEN IN DOUBT, CHECK IT OUT.....  don't give your personal information to strangers who call you, for any reason !!!     Sheriff Karl Dailey

Posted: Monday, November 12th, 2007

Private Eye Scam

You will receive an E-Mail that will claim to be from a "Private Detective" (or something similar). They will not tell you who they are and will claim that they are "Monitoring" your phone calls - Internet traffic - etc. They will ask you if you want to know who is paying them to watch you. They will explain that they understand that "You do Not Believe" them. They want you to click on a link and check an "Archive". They will give you some kind of password to the archive. This archive is supposed to show you a log of your calls or Internet traffic. By "clicking" on the link, you open the door to the bad guys to do all sorts of bad things to you. DO NOT FALL for this... just delete it and do not respond. The E-Mail you receive may be a little different, but the idea will be the same. Remember - WHEN IN DOUBT,CHECK IT OUT !!!!      Sheriff Karl Dailey 

Posted: Monday, October 29th, 2007

IRS Scam

You get an E-Mail that the IRS owes you money. The amount may vary, but my e-mail was for $109.25.  They want you to "Click" on the link and give them info. Please don't click on the link !!!!    It's a scam !!!  Just delete it or forward it to the Internet Crime Complaint Center ( find in the "link" section) .... Thanks -- And be safe surfers !!!!    Sheriff K. Dailey